Monday, August 16, 2010

For the Love of People

Working for improving the people side of business is not always that easy. Frankly, people can be... well... people. You know, frustrating, aggravating, whiney, selfish, hard-to-please, and down-right annoying! But, that is, at the same time, the beauty of working with people--- interviewing them, hiring them, and training them--- that makes the work so interesting. Let me explain. If the people that you hired are all the same, made from the same mold, say the same things, dress the same, etc., then you don't have not put together a winning team.

Don't get me wrong. You don't have to have people that disagree with you or that rub you the wrong way and don't fit your company's culture. But you should look for those folks who will add "spark" to your business. Those people who may not look the part, but who offer creative insights into areas of the business that you or others on your team have not seen before. You may have to overlook some aspects of their personalities in order to allow much stronger points to flourish.

Think about it. You may need to rethink your hiring process and the criteria for the people that you are looking to bring on board.

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