Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pursuing Engagement

How difficult it is to get someone fired up about a feeling you experienced. What I mean is that if I saw a great movie or hit a terrific golf shot, or felt totally relaxed on the beach, I can't really explain that so clearly that someone else can feel the same excitement, same warmth of the sun, same exhilaration of a good shot. I know there are people that can. You can experience that while reading a book by a good author or hearing a story from a great communicator. I just know that I have a hard time doing it.

What about trying to get your employees engaged in their work? How difficult is that? Some business leaders are naturals at it. Some just give up and experience high turnover as they fire unengaged employees and hope that the next one they hire will be totally fired up about their job.

Getting employees motivated and engaged in their work requires good communication skills (doesn't have to be great), a passion for the business, and a little creativity. The communication skills is for getting the message across to your team what is expected of them and how their jobs contribute to the overall mission of the business. Without sharing this information, employees simply go through the process of their job descriptions without true umph (a rarely used HR term).

A good business leader must have a passion for their business. As a leader, you naturally have people to lead or followers. Are they following a grumpy, stick-in-the-mud or a leader who is passionately on fire about the direction of the organization and the steps needed to get there? Your passion is seen, felt, and passed on to your team members. They feed off of it. It is now a natural process for them to get engaged in their own jobs.

Good business leaders are creative. They think of ways to make even the most mundane job fun to perform knowing how critical it is to the overall process. Creative thinking leaders are always looking for ways to spice up the work either through contests, company parties, job rotation, etc. Creativity keeps the business young in spirit while growing wiser daily. Being creative engages those around you and inspires others to creatively think of solutions in their job performances.

Pursue engagement today!

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