Sunday, August 2, 2015

Keeping It Real

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."  ---  Mark Twain 

Most business leaders are trend setters; they don't follow the crowd and blend with the masses.  They typically set their own course and blaze paths for others to use.

But, unfortunately, some begin to lean toward what the latest fad might be and see if doing things the way others do them might work. When it comes to leading team members, these flavors-of-the-month tactics usually backfire.

Here are three popular strategies that can damage your work force along with alternatives for success and ways to keep your leadership style real:

1.) Caving Into The Union Mentality-  This happens when you read too many articles and watch too many nightly news programs about how employees are jumping ship to other companies that are "sensitive" toward the employee.  First, those companies rarely succeed and most of the stories you hear are based on garbage information.  Second, if you treat your team members with respect, pay them fairly (and not what the government says you should pay them!), you won't have to worry about employees leaving.  Don't bend to the small voices petitioning for mandatory sick time and more money for less work.  Set your standards and stay the course.

2.) Hiring Illusionists To Help Build Teamwork - I am all for hiring a consultant to provide quality training for team members.  Some areas of work performance need tweaking from time to time and companies can benefit from using an outside agent with special talents to fill the need.  However, some of those agents provide hours and even days of feel-good exercises and talks.  These are akin to eating a big bowl of ice cream-- feels good, tastes great, but you will forget about in the morning.  I've never met an employee who gave better customer service after walking over hot coals.

3.) Parking Spaces -  Giving an employee-of-the-month award has its merits if you are managing a McDonald's, but isn't usually much of a reward or an incentive to others for most other businesses in the long run.  To keep it real, offer an education for the outstanding employee so they can grow and manage even more.  Most employee rewards are based on the thought that employees love trinkets and Starbucks coupons.  These are good, fun things to have, but they are just like that big bowl of ice cream, good for the short term, but soon forgotten.

Instead, offer long-lasting rewards that keep the employee interested.  If the employee is in sales, send them on a trip to see a well-known sales professional offering a seminar.  Another great reward and incentive is to provide a course outside of work that helps with the employee's hobby, or a gym membership, or a baby-sitting service to give the employee and spouse a few nights alone.  You can get real creative with these, but the point is to provide a memorable, long-lasting reward.

Make it a point to not follow the crowd, especially when it comes to leading your team.  Keep it real and your employees will reward you with dedication and loyalty.

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