Sunday, July 15, 2012

Motivating Employees

"The secret to winning is constant, consistent management." --- Tom Landry

We all wish that our employees had the same motivation and passion about our business as we do. Some leaders do enjoy the success of creating just such a culture, but it is not an easy process. Getting team members to see the big picture that business leaders see requires good communication skills and patience. Here are four steps that you can begin implementing today for a better motivated workforce:

1.) Communicate the big picture to all team members. Many successful companies have found that this is the first step to motivating employees. Radio Flyer, the maker of children's toys based in Chicago, started a "Connect the Dots" program to get its employees to see how their jobs and projects contribute to the overall success of the company. We can do the same in our business. Begin today communicating to all employees how their tasks make the success of the company possible. Let them see how what they do "connects."

2.) Consider paying for performance. Rewarding employees who go above and beyond not only motivates those employees, but also others that witness the reward. Zappos rewards employees for providing not just good, but great customer service. Badger Mining Corporation rewards employees for joining a safety team or wellness team.

3.) Share the numbers. Most business leaders are skittish about showing the books to employees, but being transparent in this area actually helps to improve employee loyalty, commitment, and productivity. If employees know that the company is in a down period, they are more apt to understand why the belt is tightening and may come up with creative ways to produce or make even more cuts.

4.) Collaborate in decision-making. Allowing employees to play a part of the decision-making process brings more ideas to the table, creates a sense of ownership, and motivates team members. While business leaders have the final say, allowing employees to contribute usually surprises leaders in what can be presented. There are more creative ideas from those looking in from a different perspective.

Consider applying all four of these tips this week and watch how the motivation of your team members increase--- along with production.

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