Thursday, May 31, 2012

Does Teamwork Training Really Work?

A lot of chit-chat goes on at training events about teamwork and the importance of it. We cover teamwork and provide teamwork training during our training events and with small businesses. Unfortunately, there is usually a lot of fluff involved with teamwork training at some events that doesn't really cut the chase of teamwork building at all. Attendees at these events are bored with the same old training modules and often leave them with relief that it is over. What should be covered for businesses interested in providing good teamwork training is the basics of what a team in business should comprise.

First, a team is a collaboration of individuals working toward the same goal or goals. It is really that simple. Why complicate it? It is management's responsibility to make sure that team members are placed on the correct team though. In other words, a business leader should know the personalities of each team member and should understand the dynamics of putting people together who can compliment one another. Using a DISC profile system or one similar to determine each type of personality is extremely helpful and important.

Second, team members can only help to serve as great team members as the extent of their knowledge of their job description. Translated: they have to know what to do. Again, this is the job of the business leader. Communication is so important and includes using common communication tools such as job descriptions, employee handbooks, mission, vision, and purpose statements, and more. This second step must be in place in order to have a smooth running team that works in the same direction toward the same goals.

Finally, teamwork training. Good teamwork training that includes eye-opening team building exercises is needed, and needed frequently. We've all heard that Abe Lincoln is quoted as saying that if he had all day to chop down a tree, he would spend the first half of the day sharpening his axe. Teamwork training and team building exercises is sharpening that axe. Team building exercises should include activities that get all team members involved. It should be a gradual process that makes some members feel just a little uncomfortable. The concept is to get team members that always take charge, (based on their already determined personality or DISC profile), to step aside and allow some of the more quieter types to make things happen, based on the exercise. The goal of this type of training is to get all involved to walk away with a clearer sense of how their role in the business helps to solve a problem or contribute to the greater good of the business.

Don't fear teamwork training. When done properly, it really works!

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